Promoting involvement in exotic animal and habitat conservation programs from the fashion industry prospective
for unique clothing and accessories
Genuine Exotic Leather Online Store
Eastern Europe’s first exotic leather store with worldwide shipping!
We advise on the purpose and important features of each type of leather
8 years
of careful selection of materials for leathercrafters helping them implement their customers’ non-standard requests
15 types
of exotic leather offered: crocodile, shark, elephant, arapaima, stingray, hippopotamus, iguana, tegu, python, karung, water snake, ostrich and ostrich paws, eel, toad
30+ countries
of our clients on 3 continents from the USA to China receive their orders without any customs fees and surcharges
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How to sell crocodile leather goods on Etsy?
What are your guarantees for the quality of materials? We need a large and regular supply.
How to choose a leather if I have never worked with exotic?
  • We will give you a brief overview of exotic leather world in general or of a particular leather type at your request
  • We will get to know each other and find out which material is best suited for your needs
  • We will plan a further careful selection of material, additional photos and videos from our manager
  • * FAQ is below on this website. There you will find the answers to for example "How can I pay for my order?" or "How will my order be delivered?" etc 😉
Material Certification
Crocodile, iguana (monitor lizard, tegu), arapaima, eel, python, elephant and hippopotamus leathers are subject to CITES certification.

By purchasing leather from us, you contribute to conservation programs for exotic species and their habitats around the world.
Project Initiator
Julia Omelchenko
  • 1
    Co-founder of Eastern Europe’s first exotic leather store with worldwide shipping
  • 2
    Created the world's first and only online blog about exotics in Russian even before other online exotic leather stores appeared
  • 3
    Consulted 1000+ clients over the last 5 years on a variety of types and features of exotics
  • 4
    Visited 80% of Italian exotic leather tanneries
  • 5
    Launched original online course on the restoration of genuine crocodile leather defects and conducted 2 training streams
  • 6
    Visited 7 Lineapelle international leather exhibitions in Milan over the last 4 years
Online Store
Our store operates online only with ordering available 24/7! We deliver materials to clients all over the world. Returns/exchange possible.

We personally visit Italian tanneries, engage directly with their owners and directors, select materials and place individual orders for our clients. All goods are exclusively made in Italy.
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